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Ever asked yourself what an OR consultant does all day? In our new series “A day with…”, we accompany an OPTANO employee during his daily work and take a look behind the scenes.


Sven’s OPTANO mug


Sven – OR Consultant at OPTANO


Most important working tool of an OR consultant


Energy for in between

Sven – OR Consultant at OPTANO

„You see what you set in motion“

Today we’ve been invited to look over Sven’s shoulder while he’s at work. Sven joined us as an OR Consultant at OPTANO in October 2019. His first day got off to a good start with a little surprise – an OPTANO mug with his name on it, a welcome gift that all new colleagues get on their first day here.

8.15 a.m.

First things first:

Checking e-mails and schedules

When I get to the office I first take a look at the appointments I have scheduled for that day and then go through my e-mails. Today I have an appointment with a client  in preparation for the next sprint. As a project manager I’ll maintain the backlog with the client and define the tasks. I’m looking forward to it, even though I’ll be conducting the phone call when I’m on the go. This afternoon I have to travel to a client based in southern Germany where I’ll be running an in-house training course.  I’ll also draft a quotation for a follow-up project while I’m on the train – instead of doing this at the office like I usually would.

8.45 a.m.

Out of office:

Compiling training documents

Our clients should optimally use the OPTANO applications. Furthermore, their employees should also feel comfortable when using the new planning software and therefore require optimal training. Tomorrow I have an in-house training session with a client in southern Germany. I have to compile the documents required and prepare the training session.

9.30 a.m.

Meeting culture:

Daily Scrum

*At OPTANO we work with the agile project management method, Scrum.

At OPTANO agility is written with a capital letter. As the project manager, I currently share an office with the other three members of my Scrum Team*. This means optimal cooperation and we can share information directly with one another. This is the ideal basis on which to work efficiently with the agile project management method, Scrum. Our daily scrum today at 9.30 a.m. involves  checking the sprint backlog created by the development team and which defines our three-week work cycle. Where are we right now? What happened yesterday? What’s on the agenda for today? Have we heard from any clients? What can I tell the client in the phone conference later?

9.45 a.m.

Good communication:

Process improvement  is teamwork

I mainly work on client projects but in a smaller company like OPTANO, internal process improvement is also one of the tasks I have to do. I think it’s great that I can get involved in this. Changing the CRM system in the company still requires some agreement within the team. Sometimes, as is the case today, I have to discuss this via Skype with colleagues who are working from home.

11.00 a.m.


Daily telephone conference

I go out of the office to have my daily telephone conference with a client so that I don’t disturb the developers while they’re working. Our new business premises have plenty of options: smaller conference rooms with comfy armchairs, high desks or even a cozy sofa. The phone call with the client lasts 15 minutes and takes place in the form of a telephone conference organized by the client nationwide. I connect via Skype to report on the status of the project.

12.30 p.m.

Time to unwind:

Lunch break

Lunch at OPTANO gives you the opportunity to sit and chat with the colleagues who aren’t in your project team. The conversations don’t just revolve around work, of course. The entire OPTANO team has lunch together. This has long been a cherished tradition and was a major consideration when planning our new premises. Our large conference room called “Hafenviertel”** is not only used for lunch and our monthly team meetings, but also for occasional smaller events such as games or movie evenings. I think this is a great way to get to know people at OPTANO outside the scope of the projects.

14.00 p.m.

Change of venue:

Let’s go!

Today I’m leaving the office earlier than usual, namely at 2pm. But I’ve still got a few things to do. While I’m on the way to my client in southern Germany I’ll take out my headset and laptop to make a phone call and draft some quotations. Normally, though, I finish work at around 5.30 p.m. I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I like my occasional visits to clients. (I visit clients in Germany 3 days a month on average).


„You see what you set in motion“

For me, working as an OR consultant at OPTANO means having a high degree of flexibility and variety at work. The projects are fascinating – also because you deal with different issues from a wide range of industries. However, the most important thing for me is that I get to see what I have created – among others, because I am immediately involved in the projects and have direct contact to the clients.

As an OR Consultant at OPTANO you can set things in motion!

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